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Your Instagram username is important. It’s often one of the first things people learn about your personal or professional brand, and it can often define people’s first impressions of your account. Coming up with something catchy is essential, but you also want it to be interesting, relevant, unique, discoverable … the list of requirements goes on and on. Don’t worry, Flick is here to help!
We’ve put together this little guide to help make the process of finding the perfect Instagram username a little easier. We’ll be covering some tips and tricks that will help you meet all the requirements for a great username while still reflecting your brand’s unique identity. So, without further ado … let’s get started!
The answer to this question is pretty simple: your Instagram username is important because Instagram itself is important. In fact, Instagram is arguably the most important social media platform for businesses and brands. Let us justify that statement.
Instagram logs 1 billion active monthly users and 90% of those users follow at least one business or brand. That means at least 900 million Instagram users are interacting with brands and businesses every month … and we haven’t even got to Instagram ads yet!
The username linked to your Instagram account is how these Instagram users will identify your posts in their timelines, search for your account, share your content with friends. In addition, it will be the first impression many people get of your account and will be inextricably associated with your business or brand as a whole.

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