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Partner with a publishing company that is dependable, inventive, and adaptable to publish your book and widen your audience significantly. Neelam Publication is the sole publisher with a massive readership on its platform, offering complete assistance to authors throughout their publishing journey and putting in extraordinary efforts to transform every book into a bestseller.


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We provide a publishing platform that caters to authors worldwide, simplifying the process of creating, publishing, and distributing both print and digital books.

As the biggest publishing platform in India, Notion Press has helped publish over 5,000 books written by authors hailing from over 20 countries.  We also take pride in managing a community of over 4,000 writers. Our foremost priority is to value your unique story and showcase it to the world.

Managed inventory services are provided by Neelam Publication, which ensures that your book remains in stock without any concern of paying for extra print runs. This allows you to print more copies and increase your sales, all of which is taken care of by Neelam Publication.

Authors may experience varying levels of success in selling their books, with some selling just a few copies while others selling thousands. It is important to view all our channels as avenues for distribution, rather than for direct sales. Although your book will be made available through all our distribution partners, it is necessary to actively promote or market it to increase sales. This can be achieved through simple means such as creating a blog or seeking reviews and write-ups about your book. By putting in the necessary effort, a well-written book has the potential to become a bestseller.
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